The process of bringing fresh air into interior space by using various methods to change the air of an environment is called ventilation. We need a good ventilation system to exhaust the polluted air inside of our buildings and to take in the fresh air from outside.

Ventilation is to provide a fresh air flow to a closed area either naturally or mechanically. While fresh air enters inside, the equivalent volume, polluted with harmful gases, odors, dusts and heated air is expelled.

Mechanical ventilation is done with fans that suck fresh air into closed volume or exhaust polluted air. Ventilation is the easiest way to ensure that the oxygen rate in closed volumes is kept in natural conditions and at the required level.

As a result of consuming, the air with reduced oxygen and contaminated air is thrown into the atmosphere, and fresh, oxygenized and uncontaminated fresh air is taken from the outside. This is one of the most important conditions of human health and efficiency. It is within the scope of the ventilation system to remove the dirty air to the outside and to filter the fresh air taken from the external environment, to purify it from harmful substances, to bring it to the desired environment by bringing it to the desired temperature and humidity values.